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Electronic ear tags
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Electronic eartags allow for a more simple and efficient method of identification for livestock. They allow for a better method of traceability and automatic registration of the animal.

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Our range


ARDES electronic tags are available blank or marked, in a range of sizes suitable for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. They can be issued in radio frequency HDX or FDX-B, as needed.


The encoding will be registered in advance by our offices, and the identification number will be recorded in a chip embedded within the electronic part of the tag.


Our Advantages


ARDES electronic tags are fully ICAR certified and are the result of extensive studies by experts in RFID technology. Through its range ARDES ensures unparalleled performance and a significant reading distance. Moreover the electronic identification by radio frequency allows an instant reading to be received every time.

This is why ARDES electronic ear tags can be relied on to perform every time.


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Sized according to the animal: Small or Large


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