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Automatic drenchers
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Automatic drenchers ideal for veterinary use.

An in-depth study on the methods used by farmers and our expertise in the plastic processing industry has led to ARDES being the leading innovator in the field of dosing.

This automatic 20ml drencher, intended for sheep and goats, meets the demands of growing herds and offers farmers a simple and fast process of drenching.

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The Advantages

ARDES remains true to its business philosophy by offering a reliable and sustainable product range. Through the wheel designed to facilitate dosing, the drencher ensures rapid dosing, reliably and no leakage. To avoid injury, protection was installed upstream of the cannula which aids in the prevention of potential of blocking in the mouth of the animal.

In addition to the reliability of the automatic drencher ARDES wanted to put forward an effective product in the long term , helped by a drastic choice of strong and lightweight plastics. Furthermore, several points of attachment has been made for it to be unbreakable during ordinary use.

ARDES ensures time saving and cost reduction thanks to the ability to administer dose and mark animals single handily. Furthermore, the flexible plastic handle and the ergonomic design offer unparalleled comfort to user.


A block at the rear of the drencher facilitates maintenance of the product through a system allowing a flow of liquid.



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